How to Use Our Self Guided Tours

All of the pins are landmarks or suggested stops to keep you on track. Feel free to keep cruisin' or try new places. San Francisco is full of hidden gems!

While these mobile maps are super handy (in our humble opinion), never, ever, never, bike while using your phone. Nope, not even in designated bike lanes. Look through the routes prior to starting your journey and safely pull to the side if you need to re-route yourself. It's important to stay alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. Besides, there's so much to see and you don't want to miss any of it.

Here's the best way to bike the Golden Gate!

There's lots of ways to get from Point A (Basically Free Bike Rentals) to Point B (the Golden Gate Bridge), and a lot of them are absolutely gorgeous, too. But add some requirements like bike lanes and a minimal amount of hill climbing, and the single best way to bike the Golden Gate Bridge becomes clear.

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Ride the Foodie Trail

Foodies: charge your phones, prepare your Instagrams, and wear stretchy pants! This route is chock full of the best restaurants in San Francisco. Hop on your bike rental and take a five (or ten, or fifteen we're not judging) course meal as you tour some of the best restaurants in San Francisco.

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Explore the Museum Lover's Tour

History buffs, art admirers, and the people who love to touch everything they see will find something they like on this historic tour of San Francisco. When you return your bike rental, please share your new knowledge of all things oh, wise ones.

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Take the Lands End Challenge

Boy, are we excited that you're taking on this route. Lands End has a great view and will be well worth the quest you are about to embark on. However, the route is steep with quite a bit of elevation gain (gotta love those San Francisco hills) and may take about an hour to complete.

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